Bay Area Center For International Trade Development (CITD)

Bay Area Center for International Trade Development

Center for International Trade Development is one of the principal agencies that help to build capacity for business and individuals interested in developing their efficiencies in identified areas of economic activity.

The Way The World Does Business Is Changing!

Trading globally gives new and established businesses greater opportunities for increased revenues.

Trading globally gives consumers the opportunity to be exposed to goods and services not available in their own countries.

Enjoy A Competitive Edge

We Can Help Connect Your Business To The International Marketplace!

  • Individualized assistance in exporting, importing, global marketing organization
  • Export and import education programs for businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Help with international business transactions
  • An award winning international trade information resource

We have assisted hundreds of clients in trade transactions that

have contributed to California’s ranking as the leading

exporter in the United States.

Center for International Trade Development

We Connect Businesses With The International Marketplace


The way the world does business is changing!

Globalization is growing at an impressive rate promising businesses greater opportunities, and increased revenues, access to new markets is diminishing for big and small companies alike. Businesses striving for success must now see themselves as part of the global network.

Competitive Edge

Enjoy a competitive edge. Businesses that champion international trade will have better profits and bigger market share. Current trends indicate that US exporters forecast a growth rate that is 30% higher then non-exporting firms. Globally, exports of goods and services will reach 28% of the world gross domestic product, or $11 trillion, by the year 2005. Importing companies are also reaping the benefits of reduced costs and increased profits.

Skyline College

The Bay Area Center for International Trade Development is funded with economic development funds from the California Community College Chancellor’s Office in Sacramento. Locally, CITD is hosted and supported by Skyline College as a community economic development initiative.

Center for International Trade Development

CITD resources include:

  • Highly rated expertise
  • Referral and resource services
  • International Trade libraries/resource center
  • Access to international database network
  • International network
  • Industry matchmaker missions
  • Trade leads

How can the CITD help?

With training seminars and state-of-the-art resources,

trade centers like CITD have served hundreds of trade transactions that have helped

make California the leading exporting state in the US.

Seminars and workshops offered throughout the year include subjects such as:

Export Training

  •   The basics of exporting and international trade (ABCs of exporting)
  •   International business plan development
  •   Letters of credit
  •   Transportation & logistics
  •   Export documentation
  •   International trade financing
  •   Doing business in [Name of the Country]
  •   Legal & cultural issues in International Trade
  •   Legal issues
  •   Building a marketing/business plan
  •   International trade shows
  •   Industry matchmakers missions
  •   Cultural aspects of International trade

What is unique about the CITD?

The CITD provides one -to-one consultation and small group training for business.

We render individualized consulting that walks you through the processes that will help you

enter the international market place-at no additional cost to you!

Also helps CITD’s website with SEO.

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Bay Area Center for International Trade Development hosted by Skyline College